Other Ways To Give

Should you require additional information please contact donorsupport@globallinks.org or call 412-361-3424 x203 or consider reaching out to a trusted advisor who can help you make the right choice for your unique situation.

Global Links’ federal tax I.D. number is 52-1629060.

A DAF allows you to manage your donations in a way that might provide tax benefits. You transfer assets to a commercial or community DAF provider, and then recommend donations to Global Links or other charities as often as you choose over time. Give directly from your BNY Mellon, Schwab or Fidelity Donor Advised Fund by clicking here

Participating in a workplace United Way campaign? We are United Way #4319

Many companies match their employees’ charitable donations, and volunteer time. Check with your HR office to learn more.

Your no-longer needed vehicle may get you a tax deduction, and the proceeds help to improve health for our neighbors locally and globally. Find out more here.

Include Global Links in your will, or name Global Links as a beneficiary of your retirement plan or other asset and help Improve Health For All beyond your lifetime. Visit our Planned Giving page for details and other ways to have a lasting impact.