Maternal/Infant Health and Strengthening the Public Health System

Global Links’ program in Nicaragua works to strengthen the maternal and infant health

network, implement nutritional strategies in maternal homes, and strengthen institutional capacity with the provision of technology and continuing education. In addition, Global Links provides support after natural disasters and helps  to coordinate immediate response, stabilization and rebuilding and recovery efforts. Global Links first worked in Nicaragua in 1990.

Featured Project Dates 2020 - 2021
Lives Impacted 599,859
Targeted Regions Matagalpa, North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region, Madriz, South Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region, Chontales

Program Highlights

  • Equipped 140 of the nations’ maternal homes with equipment and furnishings, such as dorm beds, exam tables, adult and infant scales, and filing cabinets. The network of maternal homes provide a place for women to stay prior to labor to be in close proximity to a hospital for an attended birth; they also receive meals, classes, and daily medical checks.

  • Disaster response to Hurricanes Eta and Iota (2020): Improved the health network in the impacted areas through the provision of backpacks equipped with all necessary supplies for the network of community health workers to safely conduct home visits and report COVID-19 cases, damage caused by hurricanes, as well as cases of malaria and dengue, among others. Backpacks and their contents were sourced locally, to boost the local economy.

  • Supported the healthcare system through the provision of Covid-19 Emergency Response containers, which included furnishings, medical equipment, and supplies for the country’s public health networks. Additionally, provided hundreds of medical backpacks, which contain essential supplies and primary care tools that comply with Panamerican Health Organization (PAHO)/World Health Organization (WHO) standards, and which meet the needs of health professionals who perform field work and home visits, to improve access to care.