Medical Surplus Recovery

Our Medical Surplus Recovery Program provides healthcare organizations, corporations, universities and the public with a socially and environmentally responsible alternative to discarding surplus medical supplies and furnishings, a strategy supporting the “Circular Economy,” and rescuing an average of 250 tons of high-quality surplus materials in a typical year.

Do you work for a hospital, healthcare facility, senior facility, office, corporation, business, or university and know of surplus supplies and furnishings which could be donated? Contact us at

a male nurse standing next to new hospital beds, an elderly couple walking down the street with a cane and a rollator walker, a female nurse holding up medical gloves and other medical supplies

Furnishing Recovery Project

Clinical furnishings are vital to our mission. We work with healthcare, corporate and university facilities to recover surplus or no longer needed furnishings such as beds, exam tables, IV poles, and much more. They are then checked, cleaned, and sent to those in need.

Donate Home Medical Supplies and Equipment

Are you an individual or family with surplus medical materials from home you would like to donate? Help us provide these needed materials to the aging population in Western PA and beyond to improve the health, dignity, mobility, and independence of our neighbors. Please visit this page for more information on donating.

Blue Bag Project

Global Links’ Blue Bag Project allows hospitals and healthcare facilities an easy way to donate unused supplies from a unit or floor. Supplies are then collected by Global Links on a regular basis and then sorted, packed, and sent to those in need.

Global Links’ Community Collection Network provides convenient drop-off spots where the public can take surplus medical supplies and home care materials. Contact before dropping off to get the list of items they accept.