Strengthening the Public Health System since 2000

Global Links’ program in Bolivia aims to assist municipal governments in their efforts to increase access to health care in rural communities, strengthen health institutions to increase quality services, and support The National Plan to facilitate access to health care services for people with disabilities, particularly those living in rural areas.

Featured Project Dates 2019 - 2020
Lives Impacted 292,891
Targeted Regions La Paz, Beni, Chuquisaca, Oruro

Program Highlights

  • Increase access to healthcare services in rural communities, specifically partnering with municipal governments.

  • Strengthen health institutions in the Amazonian and Andean Region to increase quality services.

  • Support the National Plan of facilitating access to health care services for people with disabilities. Supported the country’s only two public physical therapy and rehabilitation centers by working with health authorities to improve access to physical therapy services and mobility aids.