Global Medical Partnerships

Global Links supports global health efforts by providing critically needed medical supplies to organizations serving those with medical and health needs in low-resource settings.

The Global Medical Partnerships program offers supplies to United States based individuals, groups, and organizations with established relationships to healthcare institutions and providers in communities with need around the world. Our partners serve their communities with a deep understanding of local health systems, community norms, culture, and a desire to support locally-run health initiatives. The primary supplies available through Global Medical Partnerships are Medical Backpacks, Sutures, and Breathe Hope Nebulizers. These materials can be requested for medical service trips, general medical needs, or disaster response situations.

To qualify for supplies, organizations must demonstrate familiarity with the medical conditions and priorities of the communities they are serving and offer free or significantly reduced cost medical care. If you are committed to providing the highest quality services possible regardless of ability to pay, faith proclamations, or other potential barriers for people to receive care, we welcome your partnership in delivering life-saving care around the globe and invite you to contact for more information.

Every time a mother brings a new life into this world, her own has the potential to be at risk. Later in life accidents can happen at any time.

In these cases and many more, having access to sutures and other basic medical supplies can make all the difference. But not everyone has access to the supplies they need when they are needed most. In many countries, sutures are incredibly cost-prohibitive and can be challenging to obtain.

Global Links provides sutures according to partners’ exact needs so that when emergencies happen, doctors and medical staff will have the necessary supplies to provide the appropriate care.

In many areas around the world, a combination of rough terrain, scarcity of financial resources, and lack of transportation make regular healthcare visits an unrealistic possibility. As a result, many health challenges and illnesses can worsen due to delayed diagnoses and care.

Global Links Medical Backpacks help to improve health outcomes and increase access to care in low-income communities by equipping providers and community health workers with basic supplies in a transportable format.

Designed with rural communities in Central America in mind, the Medical Backpacks contain essential supplies and primary care tools that comply with Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) standards. However, Global Links Medical Backpacks are useful for similar healthcare situations all around the world, not just in Central America.

No one should have to watch their child or loved one struggle to get air into their lungs because they don’t have access to the equipment that could help. For those living with asthma, COPD, and other respiratory ailments, nebulizers can make all the difference between fear and peace of mind, delivering the medicine patients need deep into their lungs. Through our signature Breathe Hope Project, Global Links sanitizes, refurbishes, and distributes nebulizers to low-income communities by partnering with licensed charitable clinics and nonprofit organizations.

Photo Credit: Team Rubicon

Program Highlights

  • Provided nearly 500 Medical Backpacks to the Pan American Health Organization, which has been distributing them throughout their network and to the United Nations World Food Program.